Pet tips


There are things you can do to lower the carbon pawprint of your four-legged, furry and scaly pals.

What can I do?

Dog poo bags & composting

 Australian dogs poo the weight of the Sydney Harbour Bridge each month. Where should it go?

  • Get a pooper scooper for home and safely compost your pet poo! Council offers this discounted Poo Composter or this Solar Composter 
  • When out and about use 'fully compostable' bags as degradable ones just break down into microplastics.
  • Don't forget to keep your fully compostable pet poo bags covered when walking. They can start to fall apart when rain/moisture gets to them. 


  • Choose metal or ceramic pet bowls rather than plastic.
  • Purchase sustainable pet food, make your own dry food or see if you can buy in bulk.
  • Consider introducing more vegetables and fruit into your dog’s diet.
  • Recycle food packaging where possible.

Pet toys/leashes

  • Check out 5 dog toys you can make from household objects from 1million women.
  • Repurpose old cardboard boxes to keep your pets entertained.
  • Make your own pet toys or buy secondhand toys from charity shops.
  • Choose metal, fabric or leather collars and leashes.

Bedding waste

  • Pets like chooks, quails, guinea pigs etc produce rich material that is great for the compost heap.
  • Donate old towels, sheets, blankets to your local RSPCA for bedding.

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