Waste less, compost more

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Who we are

We are a local group dedicated towards creating programs and events which reduce waste and encourage composting. We are made up of residents throughout Ku-ring-gai with different areas of expertise and passion. We hope to empower the community to reduce waste, encourage a circular economy and promote organics recycling.

Sustainable Futures Day Resources

Top 5 Waste-free hacks you can do now

  1. Start a compost or worm farm.
  2. Refuse plastic bags.
  3. Only use reusable cups for takeaway drinks.
  4. Buy second-hand clothes.
  5. Join a recycling/sharing community.

Find a Free-Cycle site near you

Composting Network

We are connecting residents who want to be either a Host (accepting others organic scraps) or a Guest (taking your scraps to someone's house/apartment). We have over 70 participants across Ku-ring-gai and we need more!

Find out about our Composting Network

How to start a compost or worm farm

Visit our information page to get tips and tricks and even access discounted bins.

Find a Composting Network host near you!

Maps below show you both the size of the hosts compost bin at their location and the type of composting system they have for you to contribute your scraps to.

 Hosts by size of system - OpenStreetMap.png Hosts Setup scaled to size - OpenStreetMap.png

Hard-to-recycle map

The champions within this group have collated an extensive list of items that cannot be placed in the red or yellow bins, such as e-waste, textiles, metals, soft plastics and sharps. Explore the online map to find drop-off points. This will be an ever-evolving project with more locations added. Let us know if we have missed anything!

Explore the Hard to recycle map

Community organisations

Find out more about St Ives Towards Sustainability and One Street. Two of the not-for-profit groups working with our Net Zero Champions to make great things happen in your neighbourhood.

Join our volunteer team!

Get in touch with us to join the WhatsApp Chat and share your ideas on reducing waste and organics recycling. 

Join the private Facebook group now 

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