Electric transport

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What can I do?

Electric cars

An increasingly popular choice and as federal government support improves, prices will come down. There are now businesses that offer new and pre-owned electric vehicles, buyers groups and community bulk-buy schemes.

Visit our Electric Vehicles page for everything you need to know about purchasing, charging and getting the most out of your EV.

Electric bikes

If you want to ride further with less effort, leave your car at home, keep up with the group or get ahead of the traffic – an e-bike could be the answer. 

Bicycle Network Australia share some e-biking tips.

Electric cargo bikes

Carry kids, shopping, pets and more. Some heavy-duty models have total carrying capacity of 250kg – ideal for small business deliveries. Standard models can carry around 60kg on their rear racks. 

Charging with clean energy

In July 2024 Council will be installing six new public electric vehicle (EV) charge points, located at the Ku-ring-gai Fitness & Aquatic Centre, Turramurra Library, and the North Turramurra Recreation Area.

As with the existing 15 public EV charging points at the Lindfield Village Green carpark, these will be powered by 100% renewable energy. 

Visit Plug Share to find a charging station near you.

How does this help our net zero target?

Electric transport can be charged on clean energy (choose green energy at home) and they’re fun and efficient ways to get around and reduce your emissions.

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Need help?

Please contact our Sustainability Engagement Officer via email or phone 9424 0172.