Car sharing

Do you sometimes have the need for a car or second car but don’t want to buy a car to satisfy your occasional needs? Car sharing is a model of car rental where people rent cars for short periods of time, often by the hour. It is a very popular option for people who only sometimes need the use of a car or who need access to a different type of vehicle to their own.

Car sharing “pods” (where the cars are based) are usually located in areas of demand and convenience, such as train stations and shopping centres. The organisation renting the cars may be a commercial business, or the users may be organised as a company, public agency or cooperative.

There are a number of car sharing services across Sydney. Depending on the fee structure, membership fees of the car sharing organisation cover fuel, insurance, maintenance and cleaning. Members either reserve a car via the internet or telephone and use a key card to access the vehicle. A City of Sydney survey in 2011 found that 57% of respondents who car share have deferred the purchase of a vehicle.

View Council's Car Share Policy(PDF, 846KB)

Are you interested in car sharing for Ku-ring-gai?

Ku-ring-gai is investigating the idea of introducing car sharing within the Ku-ring-gai local government area and wants to gauge interest from the community in:

  • Joining and using a car sharing service.
  • Which locations would be preferred for a car sharing pod.

If you are interested in car sharing for Ku-ring-gai, please send us an email responding to the two points above. 

Email link to:, Subject: Registering interest in car sharing for Ku-ring-gai.

Car pooling

Hate the long drive to work and want to do your bit for the environment?

Car pooling is a great solution that reduces the number of vehicles on the road, demand on parking and costs for drivers.

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