Top money savers

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Start with small actions and build yourself a healthy, cost-efficient home as we reach Net Zero together.

Free or low cost actions

  1. Ethical investments – check your bank online or make a call and see where your superannuation or savings are being invested.
  2. Switch to 100% Green Power – if you aren't ready for solar, ask your electricity retailer to provide you 100% Green power.
  3. Borrow the Energy Saver Kit - available at libraries, use the thermal camera to spot air leaks in insulation and doors/windows
  4. Draught-proof your home – seal gaps around doors, windows, vents, cornices and skirtings.
  5. Use your appliances efficiently – Run appliances on full load and review the settings on your pool pump
  6. Create a plastic-free kit - drink bottle, cutlery, reusable cup and more for when you’re out and about
  7. Recycle tricky items - explore our local Hard to Recycle Map.
  8. Use car-sharing or public transport - check out the local options.
  9. Compost your food scraps. If you don't have a compost bin, drop them off via our composting network.
  10. Repair old clothes, curtains, appliances. Use a Repair Café or share/borrow tools with neighbours/friends.


  • Electrify your home – Replace gas appliances with efficient electric. Induction cooktops, heat pump hot water and reverse cycle air conditioners.
  • Check your insulation – Replace or top up if needed and install blinds or curtains.


  • Solar PV and battery – Use free energy from the sun during the day and store energy at night or on cloudy days.
  • Switch to an electric vehicle – powered by renewables, cost-efficient and makes a big difference to household emissions.