Composting & worm farming


What can I do?

The most efficient method to deal with food waste is to compost it at home. Food waste can easily be returned to the soil as rich fertiliser, compost and mulch. Improve your plant growth, increase soil nutrients and help plants resist disease.

Discounted compost bins & worm farms

Visit Compost Revolution for up to 40% discount on a range of products, delivered free for Ku-ring-gai residents.

Get all the tips and tricks to make a super compost from our Waste & Recycling pages.

Dog poo bags & composting

 Australian dogs poo the weight of the Sydney Harbour Bridge each month. Where should it go?

  • Get a pooper scooper for home and safely compost your pet poo! Council offers this discounted Poo Composter or this Solar Composter 
  • When out and about use 'fully compostable' bags as degradeable ones just break down into microplastics.
  • Don't forget to keep your fully compostable pet poo bags covered when walking. They can start to fall apart when rain/moisture gets to them. 

Check out the pet tips page for more.

How does it help our net zero target?

Around 45% of the waste in red bins in Ku-ring-gai is food waste. If not managed correctly this creates harmful greenhouse gases and a toxic liquid known as leachate which can pollute waterways if it escapes.

Council is currently trialing turning the organic content of the waste bins into a basic compost for mine site rehabilitation. Find out more at Veolia's Eco Precinct at Woodlawn near Goulburn.

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