Speaking 4 the Planet

Speaking 4 the Planet 2024

Spread the word about sustainability through speaking, poetry, art and writing

This arts-based competition, encourages school students to create a written, spoken or visual piece of work based on the theme: ‘Trees, Guardians of Life’

You are encouraged to focus on the importance of your local bushland - for yourselves and your local community.

What is the age limit?

High-school-age students (12-18 years) are invited to participate. Also, for the first time, teachers are invited to participate in the writing category.

What are the categories?

  • Speaking.
  • Writing.
  • Performance poetry.
  • Visual arts.

The closing date is on National Schools Tree Day: Friday 26 July 2024.

Winners will be announced on Saturday 31 August 2024.

Participants can go in the running to win gift vouchers for environmentally-friendly activities and items.

How to enter

Watch the video below and find out more on the Speaking 4 the Planet website.

2023 winners

Category 1 - Performance Poetry

First prize

Romani Sprigg, Brigidine College, for her poem on the consequences of human dominion on the environment.

Romani received a $50 Banish voucher to spend online.

Second prize

McKayla Tan, Ravenswood School for Girls, for her daily scheduled weather report.

McKayla received the book ‘Powering Up: Unleashing the clean energy supply chain’, by Alan Finkel.

Participation awards

Victoria Chan, Lindfield Learning Village.

Lucia Pinto-Engel, Brigidine College.

Category 2 - Speaking

First prize

Roseanna Huang, Brigidine College, for her speech ‘The Promise of Tomorrow’.

Roseanna received the book ‘The Big Switch: Australia’s Electric Future’, by Saul Griffith.

Second prize

Aydan May, Northside Montessori School, for his speech addressing aspects of Net Zero.

Aydan received a gift voucher from Treetops Adventure St Ives.

Category 3 - Writing

First prize

Katja Gleeson, Lindfield Learning Village for her piece of prose using 30 words.

View online

Katja received a gift voucher from Treetops Adventure St Ives.

Special commendation

Liam Seider, Lindfield Learning Village, for his work entitled ‘Net Zero’s Our Hero’.

View online

Liam received the book ‘The Power Of Trees: How ancient Forests Can Save Us If We Let Them’, by Peter Wohlleben.

Participation awards

Aleksi Pearce & Nicolas Lecuna, Northside Montessori School.

Category 4 - Visual Arts

First prize

Meera Nirmalendran, Abbotsleigh, for her artwork entitled ‘The Future Is Yours- Which Do You Choose?’

View online

Meera received a gift voucher from Treetops Adventure St Ives.

Second prize

Maryam Tarraf & Oshir Bhalla, Northside Montessori, for their creative artwork depicting the planet.

View online

They received the book ‘What’s For Dinner? Our Food, Our Choices, Our Planet’, by Jill Griffiths.

Participation awards

Arturo Cortes Castellanos, Northside Montessori School.

Katrina McCarthy, Wahroonga Adventist School.

Siwa Haberlah, Lindfield Learning Village.

Mia Perry, Brigidine College.

Dee Adler, Brigidine College.

Speaking 4 The Planet judged the National Division separately to our local Ku-ring-gai judging.

View newsletter from Speaking 4 the Planet containing all national prize winners(PDF, 709KB).

The winners shared their passion for the environment by performing and presenting their winning entries to the Mayor and Councillors at Council Chambers, Gordon in November 2023.