Animals and habitats

Nest boxes

We are working with a small number of schools as part of the Smart Schools program to install nest boxes to house possums, birds and other hollow-dwelling species. We are in the process of developing some education materials and games around the theme of wildlife habitat so stay-tuned.

If you already have a nest-box at your school or want to build your own, visit Backyard Buddies and Birdlife Australia for some great resources.

Find more information about how we monitor fauna and who lives in our nest boxes on our Nest Box page.

Native bees

Bees are essential members of our ecological communities and their communities are under threat worldwide. These hardworking insects pollinate our gardens and food crops. Australia has over 1,500 species of native bee and the Sydney region is home to about 200 species.

In Ku-ring-gai, the WildThings Native Bee program has been hugely successful with over 1000 hives distributed to residents. The bees are sting-less and therefore a perfect addition to your garden especially for children to learn about the bee life cycle and pollination.

There are two ways to get a hive:

  1. Apply through the annual Environmental Levy Grants in April and if successful receive a hive at no cost; or
  2. Purchase a hive at any time for a reduced rate from Ku-ring-gai Council - stocks allowing.

Visit our Smart Schools page to see more of our sustainable education programs.