New recycling service planned for Ku-ring-gai

Published on 17 August 2023


A new service for hard-to-recycle items will come into effect later this year.

The recycling service will cover soft plastics, small electronic items and batteries and textiles such as clothing and linen which are not currently included in the Council's recycling contract.

The primary goal of the service is to encourage household recycling of difficult items and ensure cost-effectiveness.

The Council voted last night to trial the service for a two-year period beginning later this year and then assess its effectiveness. 

The Council will partner with the RecycleSmart company to offer the service, with residents able to book a collection from their home direct to the recycling depot once the service comes into effect.

Residents can use their own bags to separate recyclable items from their general waste, or purchase bags for recycling items from RecycleSmart.

RecycleSmart will then arrange a collection date and transport the items to the designated recycling depot.

Items covered by the service will include:

  • clothing and linen
  • small household appliances such as electrical tools, hairdryers, irons, toasters, laptops and game consoles
  • coffee capsules, batteries, medicine containers, printer cartridges, sealed paint tins and soft plastics.


Mayor Jeff Pettett said he expected the trial service to be popular with residents once it began.

“One of the biggest headaches has been what to do with items like soft plastics, so we are very pleased that the Council has been able to negotiate this service for our residents.”

The Mayor added that bookings would become available via the RecycleSmart website later this year.

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