Net Zero Champions


Join like-minded residents as we drive action in the community to reduce our energy, waste and transport.

There are three groups you can join, each with specific projects and events they are working on.

  1. Net Zero Action Collective
    Programs and events to encourage uptake of renewables, electrification of our homes and transport.
  2. Organic waste/composting
    Coordinating the new Composting Network and Map, identifying hosts to accept residents compost and guests to donate theirs.
  3. Reuse/recycle/repair
    Helping residents dispose of hard-to-recycle-items if they can't be reused/repaired.

What’s expected as a volunteer?

Each group meets at different times which might be quarterly via online/face-to-face or through facebook and whatsapp messages if preferred.

Activities might include

  • Helping at a community stall for an hour (you would be given information to share).
  • Researching/sharing program ideas and reporting back to group.
  • Spreading the Net Zero word through your street/neighbourhood.
  • Sharing expertise that you may have relating to energy/waste/transport (not essential).

This is a pilot community project and we welcome all ages, no experience/skills necessary. Ages 16+ welcome. Totally up to you how much time you can give!

Get involved

Register your interest below and we will be in touch with more information.