Local case studies


Hear how local home-owners, renters and apartment-dwellers are creating healthy, cost-efficient homes.


Peter & Claire have a family of four with an all-electric home.
They discuss 
solar, batteries, hot water heat pump, induction,
composting and electric vehicles.    


Alizee has a family of three in an apartment and is reducing energy, water and waste and has established a community group in St Ives. 


Gauri is a homeowner who has installed energy efficient windows, heating, has an electric vehicle and edible garden/compost.


Dora is a homeowner with a pool and has been on a journey to reduce her energy and waste and live sustainably in general.


Leanne and Eric are a family of four on their way to electrifying their home.
Electric vehicles, solar, edible gardening / composting and future plans.



Northside Montessori School's innovative Planet Pens program sees students use waste plastics to create useable pens. Creating a circular economy and small business.



View case studies from local business owners who are taking the net zero challenge.


Watch more local business case studies.

Feature in our videos

Do you have a home, apartment or independent living location that is reducing it's energy, waste and transport emissions and living sustainably? We'd love to hear from you to feature in our next series of case studies! Email the Environment & Sustainability Team now.