Solar and green energy


What can I do?

Install solar

53% of Ku-ring-gai's emissions come from electricity. Read the full report here. 

Join thousands of Ku-ring-gai residents, schools and businesses who are powering their homes, cars and bikes with clean energy. Take charge of your power bills and create healthy, liveable communities.

Where do I start?

1 Explore your options 

The Government Solar Consumer Guide will explain the basics of a solar/battery system and help you establish the size, cost and estimated savings for your home.

2 Get a trusted estimate  

Enter your address into the FREE Sunspot Solar tool and estimate your system cost looking at orientation, tree shading and other variables. Developed by engineers from UNSW’s School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Engineering (SPREE) and The Australian PV Institute.

3 Find an accredited installer

Visit the Government - Solar Consumer Guide and find tips on choosing a reputable solar retailer. Get at least 3 quotes.

4 Claim a rebate

Claim up to $500 for installations of solar and battery systems on houses in Ku-ring-gai. 

Can't install solar but still want to go green?

Switch to green energy

If you're not able to install solar panels right now, or you want the option of using energy from the grid, purchase green power from an energy provider. If you're not sure which supplier to go with, check out the Green electricity guide from Greenpeace. 

The Energy made easy government website has a comprehensive list of suppliers.

Solar for unit blocks

Access Council rebates and advice for working with your body corporate through the Smart Units program.

Solar for business

The Solar Consumer Guide for Business will help you determine the right solar/battery solution for your building.

Claim a Council rebate for energy audits, lighting, solar and vehicle chargers.

How does this help our Net Zero target?

Ku-ring-gai has the highest per-customer electricity and gas consumption in the Greater Sydney network, so there is a big opportunity for impact. 

Solar power is a renewable energy source, producing no emissions during generation itself and life-cycle assessments clearly demonstrate that it has a smaller carbon footprint than fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas).

Get started

Need help?

Please contact our Sustainability Engagement Officer via email or phone 9424 0172.

Where are we installing solar?

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