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Council is supporting you to live more sustainably at home, at work and in your community by providing useful advice and a range of community rebates which you can apply for now.

Is your roof ready for solar?


Enter your address here and access the FREE SunSpot solar tool. Calculate your solar potential and system cost looking at orientation, tree shading and other variables.  

Borrow an Energy-saver Kit

Reduce your energy-consumption with our kits, containing the following high-quality tools:

  • Thermal imaging camera - spot heat leaks such as gaps around windows, doors and insulation, which you can fix to save money and cut emissions.
  • Power meter - plug it in and pinpoint appliance running costs and wasted energy with appliances on standby.

Contact or visit your library to reserve the kit for FREE today.

Energy-saving tips

Reduce your energy consumption with sustainable design principles in new homes and renovations, changing how you use heating, cooling, cooking, entertainment and transport and buying energy-efficient appliances and technologies. Your home is a government initiative and a very useful place to start your research.

Learn online

Watch expert videos and recorded zoom events from the comfort of your home. Topics include solar and batteries, heating/cooling, hot water, insulation and more.

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Community rebates

Rebates are exclusively for Ku-ring-gai residents. Please note installations carried out before 30 June 2023 will not be eligible for rebates in the new financial year of 2023-24 unless pre-approved by Council. If funds are exhausted, please follow the usual application process to go on a waitlist for this financial year. Funded by Ku-ring-gai Council’s Environmental Levy.

Rebate categories

Pre-approval required?

Rebate amount against invoices


Solar PV or Battery storage



Yes Up to $500 (this includes total spending on both solar PV and/or batteries).


  • A system of minimum 5kW inverter capacity
  • The property must not have an existing solar PV system
  • The new system is not replacing an older system in any condition.



Battery storage must be paired with existing or new solar PV system

Hot water system

Yes Up to $500
  • The new system must be solar or electric heat pump technology
  • The new system must replace electric or gas storage or standalone instantaneous system only.
  • Cannot be claimed towards replacement of existing heat pump or solar hot water system.


Yes 50% of cost up to $500 Minimum R-value: 4.0 for roof, 2.5 for walls and 2.0 for sub-floor.



50% of cost up to $500

Retrofits: Secondary glaze, external shutters or shading device only.
Replacements: New windows must have a minimum combined heating and cooling WERS rating of 4 stars.

*All rebates will be paid towards invoiced material and installations costs. Rebates are subject to availability of funds and must be pre-approved. Rebates will not be given to works required for either BASIX or development application compliance.

How to apply 

You will be asked to provide details of your proposed installation and submit the following documents when applying for pre-approval.

  1. The latest electricity bill (all pages).
  2. This letter of consent(PDF, 179KB) hand signed by the account holder (name on electricity bill).

Click below to begin the application process.

Pre-approval application form

Final claim application form

Terms and conditions for the Energy Smart program

Energy Smart pool pump rebate

Click here to find out how to receive a $250* rebate when you replace your old, inefficient pool pump. 

*Conditions apply.

Opportunities for community solar?

Are you looking to install solar panels on your school or community building but have funding challenges? Community solar gives local residents the opportunity to support your solar project and invest in their community. Small businesses are also involved and are able to reduce their carbon emissions while earning interest on their investment.

Contact us

If you have any questions please contact the Sustainability Team via email