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Whether you are building, renovating or retrofitting, we outline the key features of a sustainable home.

What can I do?  

Passive heating/cooling

This involves careful design and management, ideally letting in and retaining winter sun and allowing for cooling and ventilation during the summer months. 


The way your home is positioned to take advantage of sun and wind can significantly improve comfort and reduce heating/cooling needs.


High-quality materials act as a barrier to heat flow and is essential to maximise comfort in your home.


Up to 40% of a home’s heating energy can be lost through windows and doors. Double glazing has a sealed air space in between glass layers that act like insulation. 

Energy efficient/electric appliances

Induction cook-tops and hot water heat pumps are good choices. Consider new and efficient technology for Air-conditionershot–water systemspool pumps and other appliances

Passive House

This is a design standard from Germany that aims to achieve high levels of thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

Solar panels

Enter your address into the FREE SunSpot Solar tool and calculate your solar potential, energy savings and system cost.

LED lighting

Light emitting diode lighting is the premium efficiency lighting option. 


Visit Water Smart for more information on efficient water use, greywater and rebates for rainwater tanks and more.

How does it help our net zero target? 

Building a net zero home not only creates a comfortable, healthy, cost-effective space but can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by five to eight and a half tonnes per year - when compared to a home built to meet current industry standards.

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