On your e-bike! Cycling trial for local residents

Published on 17 April 2024

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Local residents and their families can now trial an e-bike for an eight week period.

The eight week trial is being organised by Bike North, with the trial overseen by the Council’s Active Transport Committee.

At the start of the trial period, residents can have an e-bike delivered to their door with safety training provided.

At the end of eight weeks, residents have the option to purchase or lease an e-bike.

E-bikes are proving to be an economical and viable alternative for short local trips, with some models allowing more than one rider.

A similar trial in the Ryde council area saw 20 families take part, with nine opting to purchase or lease e-bikes after using them.

Mayor Sam Ngai said the Council was supportive of the Bike North initiative.

“E-bikes are fun and, in some cases, make more sense than owning a second car. You can drop your kids off at school, go grocery shopping or commute to the station.”

“With a wider range of diverse housing needs in the coming years, I expect interest in e-bikes to substantially increase. This is a cost effective means of trying before you buy.”

Bike North are registering participants now for the trial period; to find out more and to register visit Ku-ring-gai Family E-bike Trial - Bike North


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